Roller Promotions

Content Creation

We know how to get your event, brand or product on a roll

Social media and visual marketing are a must for promoting events and products these days. We have the following, the experience and that little bit of extra flair to get your name out there.

Visual Content Creation

Looking to create a new visual marketing campaign? Roller skaters make for noticeable visual content that won’t be scrolled past. Our talented skaters know the poses that are going to get you that shot, have the costumes to attract viewers’ attention and can pull out the moves that will hold it. RollerFit and Roller Promotions have a large following and many of the skaters on our team have a large individual following too. We can match you to the right skater and help you get your content trending.

Social Media Content Creation

Whether it’s photos, videos, live videos or video stories, we have the connections to match you, your brand or your product to an experienced social media content creator. We have skaters on our team who have large followings, great follower engagement, past brand partnerships and who post regularly. They care about authenticity and the quality of their content. Our skaters have the skills to create, edit and share the right kind of content at the right time. So, save your marketing team some time and utilise the creative skills of the social media content creators on the Roller Promotions team.

Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, Meet & Greet, Team Building Classes
Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, Meet & Greet
Hit the rink, listen to killer tunes and bust out your best retro roller dance moves.

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