Roller Promotions

Corporate Events

Our talented skaters are sure to surprise, impress and inspire your guests and team.

Whether it be serving drinks at your work Christmas party, meeting and greeting guests at your next corporate seminar, or handing out gift bags at trade shows, or assisting with team building our skaters can add that little extra to any corporate event.

Team Building Classes

Challenge yourself and your fellow colleagues, learn something new, or re-live your childhood, feel inspired, get excited and have a few laughs along the way! In partnership with our sister company, RollerFit, we can custom build workshops that have the benefits of physical activity, team building exercises and skill development. Did you know roller skating is equivalent to jogging? It reduces stress, increases self-esteem, and is a great creative outlet. RollerFit is the place where you can get out your leg warmers, lycra, glitter, sequins and tubes socks while you roll to hits from the 70′s 80′s and 90′s.

Roving & Freestyle

Our roving and rolling experiences are a sure fire way to inject some flow and energy into any event. Our roller crew is spread across Australia, ready to roll around at your next event to add a little bit sparkle, spice and style. Anytime around roller skaters is a good time, so you can be sure there will be smiles, ooh’s and ahh’s following our skaters around at your next event.


Want some waiters and waitresses on wheels? Say no more. Our roller crew make for the perfect addition to your kitchen staff at your next club night, festival, or corporate event. Our talented skaters will roll on in to provide lots of fun and quality table service, making your event one to remember.

Choreographed Performances

Want to add a little bit of wow to your next event? We’re able to design a bespoke performance to suit your event theme and space, you may see tricks on skates that you haven’t seen since you headed to your local rink in the 80′s. Our talented skaters are sure to impress, inspire and instill a bit of awe in your guests with their silky smooth moves.

Meet & Greet

If you ask any roller skater, they’ll tell you that everyone person on 8 wheels is welcoming and enthusiastic. So, if you’re looking for some people to meet and greet guests at your next event, our skaters have got you covered. Our costumes are fun, our personalities are just as bubbly and no one has ever looked at roller skates without smiling.

Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, TV/Film, Meet & Greet
Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, Meet & Greet
Hit the rink, listen to killer tunes and bust out your best retro roller dance moves.

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