Roller Promotions

Kids Entertainment

Fun guaranteed

The Roller Promotions crew are always ready to give the kids what they want and to inspire the next generation of skaters and hoopers.

Roving and Freestyle

Do you have a family or kids event coming up? Our rolling and hooping experiences are a sure fire way to add some awe. Our roller crew is spread across Australia, ready to roll around at your next event to add a little bit sparkle and style. Anytime around roller skaters and hoopers  is a good time, so you can be sure there will be smiles, ooh’s and ahh’s following our skaters around at your next event.

Kids Parties

Want to give your client or child an unforgettable party experience? Roller skates and hoops are the answer. Take your pick between hooping or roller skating, or have a bit of both. Our team is stacked with professional roller skaters and hoopers who can get kids up and rolling or making all kinds of new shapes with a hoop in hand.

Choreographed Performances

Want to add a little bit of wow to your next event? We’re able to design a bespoke performance to suit your event’s theme and space. We have professional roller skaters and hoopers who are ready to groove and shake. Our talented skaters are sure to impress, inspire and instill a bit of awe in your guests with their silky smooth moves.

Roller Skating Lessons

Who doesn’t want to learn how to skate? We work with our business counterpart, RollerFit to bring roller skating lessons to kids big and small. We have professional coaches all around Australia who are ready to show the kids how to get rolling safely. 

Hooping Lessons

Hoops are always fun! They sparkle, shine and glow and help you make all kinds of moves and shapes. We have experienced hoopers on our team who are ready to coach the next generation on all things hoops. 

Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, Meet & Greet, Team Building Classes
Roving, Waitressing, Live Performances, Meet & Greet
Hit the rink, listen to killer tunes and bust out your best retro roller dance moves.

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