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Whether you’re a seasoned skater, total newbie wanting to Learn to Skate or just dying to put on a pair of skates again, RollerFit is a roller skating exercise program that caters to all levels.

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Frequently Asked

All RollerFit Development class Venues offer skate hire for $5 extra which you can book when booking into a class. 

RollerFit Dance classes require your own skates. 

When you’re ready to purchase we sell  all types of skates, across all disciplines. From beginner to advanced, recreational to professional. All of our coaches are well educated on the kinds of skates available, and what is best for each style of skating, so you might want to chat with us at your next classes. We love talking about skate gear, so don’t be shy.
Alternatively, you can contact stacey@rollerpromotions.com.au for some advice.

To browse the options available, visit our shop.  All RollerFit members receive a 10% discount on some of our stock.


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