Wheels Roller Skating Club at RollerDisco


10376142_10152840104944746_6432119464449891668_nWho are “Wheels” I hear you ask? Well, they are a Sydney based artistic roller skating club. In July this year four of their members will be travelling to Brisbane to compete in the National Artistic Skating Championships in both quad and inline events. This skating club is close to our hearts being the home of 3 of our instructors (Stacey, Issy and Annie, all 3 will be competing at nationals this year).

These three girls are some of my skating idols and continue to spread the knowledge to all of our RollerFit skaters. In order to help cover the cost of travel, accommodation and entry fees into the competition and most importantly the sparkly leotards. They will be running a raffle (including a custom pair of skates, painted by CRISIS), the cloak room, karaoke and a bake stall at our up and coming Rockin’ RollerDisco. So come along and help get them to nationals, there also will be a performance on the night by the girls.

Amy signing off now, I’m going to go rewatch our amazing instructor Issy skating in the New Navy video clip here:


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